For new users applying to AntsCanada Ants Forum's

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For new users applying to AntsCanada Ants Forum's

Post: # 6830Post MadVampy
Sat Jun 04, 2016 4:07 am

This is for all the people registering for a new account on AntsCanada Ants Forum

Due to the amount of false and spam accounts that are being applied for, the ACAF has been switched over to new accounts having to be approved by an Administrator before they can become active. I know this can seem like a pain but it’s being done to not only help cut down on the bogus accounts and spam accounts being made but also to provide a better overall experience for the existing and new forum members.

With this being said it does take a little longer to approve the new members and make them active in the forums. So please understand this and give me and my fellow admins the time to check out the new accounts that have been applied for and get them approved.

Thanks for your time!

Head AntsCanada Ants Forum Admin.

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