Frustrating Laws (Hoping for Heated topics and debate)

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Re: Frustrating Laws (Hoping for Heated topics and debate)

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Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:50 pm

SpeciesK wrote:I have no ants of any kind. I don't know anyone personally who has ants of any kind. :) I want to keep repeating that so people don't get confused over why I am even pursuing this. It is to separate what is real from what is perceived or assumed by people. I am after the truth whatever it is, however convenient or inconvenient it is to people. :ugeek:

I am working my way thru your list. Just in general, we are not talking about major plant pests like RIFA, an imported, non-native species, so your vague blanket statement about unspecified State laws dealing with them do not apply.

The Lacey Act deals with -importing- illegally acquired wildlife and plants for sale in the USA. It does not cover native species. And it does not cover legally acquired wildlife and plants in the foreign country.

So far, this only would possibly apply to importing queen ants illegally but not legally. It does NOT apply to native species transported or sold in the USA. :geek:
"The pest list represents well-documented organisms of greatest risk to the United States
and is not an all-inclusive list of actionable pests. APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection
Service) may take quarantine action on organisms within the following higher taxa whether or
not they are included on the pest list."

The entire family Formicidae are treated as pest organisms for direct or indirect damage to crops.
Rules & Requirements for Identification:

How to take pictures for identification:


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