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Support For AntsCanada Ant Forum "ACAF"

Post: # 1490Post MadVampy
Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:27 pm

Hello everyone!

My name is Mike AKA MadVampy, I want to take a min and let everyone know that if you have an issue with the Forums, User accounts, and other stuff you can Email me at Madvampy[@]hotmail[.]com (Remove the [ ] marks, I put those to keep bots from scanning the email address) for any help. The Support link (Contact Us) below sends an email to Mikey (the Owner of AntsCanada and this forum) and he ends up forwarding them to me. So this may help you get help faster.

So if I can be any help to you please feel free to email me! Thanks and I hope you enjoy your experience's at AntsCanada Ant Forums!

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Name is also Mike but please don't confuse me with Mikey Bustos, two different people. :lol:
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