Hunting grounds...

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Hunting grounds...

Post: # 20232Post xTNxANTMANx
Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:01 pm

So, I love u guess you would say in a rural area, sorta in town but also have all kinds of trees around and plenty of places for ants to be lurking. My question is, to hunt for queens, is my typical area ok or would it be better to venture away a bit to the country side were it's less touched by humans? My best friend has tons of wooded land but just out of curiosity, what would be my best option in location for hunting queens? Of course I have a general idea but I guess I'm just looking for someone's opinion that's been doing this a lot longer than I have :-)
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Re: Hunting grounds...

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Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:36 pm

Heya, I live in a rural area with bush and forest close by but I live in a town none the less.

I have caught 8 queens the past week and I simply walk down a footpath and look for queens, they contrast well against concrete and colonies are all
On the side grass bit. That's where I catch my queens but yea.
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